• Aaron Osborne

Saturday 28 November 2020

“Big Rev Nev”

Nev Taylor tribute workout.

First performed 28/11/20 to then be

to be programmed on 09/10 (Anniversary date) each year.

In pairs (Driver & Navigator)

*6RFT: (Race number) (30:00 Cap)

100m Run (Wife) (run together)

4 Squat Cleans (80/50kg) (Children) (Driver 4 reps, then Navigator 4 reps)

13 Pull-Ups (Grandkids) (Driver 13 reps, then Navigator 13 reps)


Finish with a 66m (years old) partner carry (each) (carrying all of the grandkids around)

*At half way (3 rounds), pairs are to perform a “PIT STOP” where teams will unload the weight from the barbell and carry the plates (20/15kg) (one each at the same time) over a 452m run.

The pit stop and run represents the distance covered at the race in Finke. Tyres are generally changed at the half way mark before making their way back.

When you return, switch the order of Driver and Navigator, like the half way career transition between Nev and Ryan.

As tradition follows, coronas (no fruit) on ice will be provided post workout!

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